Karen McClelland
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Karen McClelland Award winning artist Karen McClelland is a traditional representational oil painter whose brush work is loose while maintaining structural accuracy. Karen’s paintings are largely done “alla prima” painting quickly and striving to make each brush stroke count, while her color choices are influenced by Russian impressionism.
As an artist Karen prefers figurative work (both people and animal) and the occasional still life, She has studied with Zhaoming Wu, Pam Ingalls, Jeff Legg, Jennifer Diehl, Michelle Usibelli, and others. Karen is a member of the Oil Painters of America, the Western Art Association, Women Painters of Washington and the Eastside Association of Fine Arts. She is represented by Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle, WA, and Philinda Gallery in Edwards, CO. Her work is in collections across the country as well as Japan.
After raising a family, and working as a freelance graphic designer, Karen has transitioned into the fine art arena and is now a full time painter. As a life long resident of the Pacific Northwest, Karen lives on 20 acres with a husband, horses, dogs, goats, cats and two busy teenagers. If she’s not in her studio painting you’ll see her with her camera in hand capturing moments for future paintings.

Artist Statement
My work is inspired by questions. What is my subject doing? What are they thinking? For me it is all about body language, which is why I often exclude faces, instead focusing on interpreting body language and gesture. I also love to portray those moments we share with our animal companions. I have a long background with horses and dogs which make them favored subjects of mine. I also like the visual energy that is created by unusual cropping and having my subjects extending beyond the bounds of the painting.

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